Demand Responsive Transport Description

Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) is a form of shared transport for travelling individuals and groups. In this type of transport, vehicles alter their routes automatically, using advanced machine learning and AI technologies, based on particular transport demand without using fixed routes or timetabled journeys. These vehicles typically pick-up and drop-off passengers in specific stops according to the passengers’ needs. The technology ensures that the pickup and dropoff locations are within walking distances from the passengers.

Demand Responsive transport provides public transportation services in areas that have low passenger demand, where regular transportation services such as busses and taxis are not financially viable. Using this technology, people of these areas will be able to benefit from a premium and affordable public transportation service, that costs a lot less than a regular taxi. DRT streamlines mass-transit systems by matching service levels more closely to that demand, lowering operational costs, easing access to transportation, and reducing environmental impacts.

DRT is a modern service that aims to improve public transport service delivery in regional areas, and can enhance community prosperity, safety and lifestyle in rural and regional areas. Its main objective is providing streamlined transportation solutions to efficiently match supply and demand. In other words, DRT can be presented as an efficient alternative to cars and taxis.

Some requirements that DRT aims to address by optimizing public transportation include:

The CityLink shuttle app uses advanced machine learning and AI to optimize the user’s travel experience by determining the optimal routes in real time.

Smart Solution

Dynamic schedules, with optimized travel time updated in real time

Fast Solution

Shortest and fastest route transport mapping algorithm

Digital Solution

Full digital solution from booking seat, tracking live bus status to destination-journey time

Dynamic Route Mapping

When the pickup and dropoff locations are chosen, the app will create the most efficient and optimized route

App Driven Control

The user controls trip bookings, cancellations and payment methods

Support, Feedback & Improvement

The user can contact customer support at any time, send his feedback, and share ideas with us to maintain continuous improvement